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Forum Issue

Post by Tedril »

For some reason AVG is picking up this forum as trying to load an exploit script, any ideas why?

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Re: Forum Issue

Post by Dimmizer »

Hey Tedril,

AV's like to pick up specific scripts that might have the same signature as a real virus. Our site is triggering a signature on your AV for what ever reason causing it to pick it up. Ignore it I can assure you that your fine and were not causing any harm to your PC lol. I'm trying to get a hold of "exi" who is the owner of this site/forums cause were also having some other issues going on but we'll look into this issue as well.
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Re: Forum Issue

Post by exi »

Hi, i've seen a possible Java loader myself during loading of the forum the first time today, i updated the software to the newest release and found no residual problems.
In any case of some java stuff loading or threat detection by antivirus software please dont hesitate to contact me via the forums email function or directly at *mobil at xipic dot net*.

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