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Post by Lannier » Sat Apr 07, 2007 05:21

Any news on this mod?

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Post by oseriduun » Sat Apr 07, 2007 23:08

I'd like to see a mod for Invision Power Board where each user could view the killboard as part of the IPB portal and display their kills and losses on their personal profile. It could use the authentication and user permissions features of the forums to determine who can post killmails or remove them.

this is a great idea, and should be relatively simple for me to implement the kill/loss profile stuff on my own page (i've created a mod for e107 already that displays last 10 kills on the main news page, so modding that specifically to work with the profile page of certain users would be easy to do, unless they got multiple eve characters and only 1 forum acct [my personal case.. 3 chars, and i dont run multiple logins for my site]).

i'll see if i can whip up some code to display a nice little table with the info, but it'll be up to someone else to mod it for other CMS's.

post permissions and stuff, that would take me quite a bit longer, and honestly its something that should wait for EDK1.3.0 since it allows users to register, ect. (making it easier in the end to make that mod.)

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