Mod to forward mail from an alliance board to a corp board

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Mod to forward mail from an alliance board to a corp board

Post by TylerJames » Sat Mar 17, 2007 22:31

I know that we have the feed syndication. But that is mainly meant to get losses not posted, so that boards are more accurate. Plus it can be delayed and some sights don't seem to work, which I am guessing has to do with the hosts.

We also have the mail forward mod, which i have tried to use to send from my corp to the alliance board, but it does not want to work. Not to mention it makes more sense to set it up to go from the alliance out to each corp.

The admin for my alliance board had a script that sent the mail to each corp board. This included other boards like Griefwatch. For awhile it worked just fine. Somewhere along the way it stopped working.

I will talk to the admin of my alliance board and see if he wants to share that and if so maybe we can use it as a start and maybe improve on it. I think the ideal situation would be to have it incorporated into everyones boards.

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Post by superkat » Wed Jan 16, 2008 15:31

The feed syndication works great for me. We have used the cronjob script (from this forum somewhere) and it runs every hour. It pulls down both kills and losses from the alliance board.

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