Improve Themability by Giving tables IDS

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Improve Themability by Giving tables IDS

Post by tripstarrr » Mon Jul 11, 2011 13:31

Hey, Im sure this has probably been suggested before but im going to go ahead and make this suggestion anyway...

I think it would be useful for people like me who enjoy modding the killboard script visually via css to have the different tables used on the killboard be given specific ids/classes so we apply css rules to specific areas of the killboard which at present is rather difficult as the majority of the tables have the same or no id/class.

il provide an example to help explain what i mean...

Currently, on the homepage, the campains table is given a class "kbtable" which is the same class used on many of the other tables accross the script. It would be a lot more useful if this table had an extra class assigned or even an ID e.g.

class="kb-table campains-table" or class="kb-table" id="campains-table"

rather than just


this would allow me to make specific css rules for "campains-table" and therefor theme the campains table without effecting other tables on the script such as the menu containers which also happen to use the class "kb-table"

giving each box a spcific extra class would allow people to make more effective css rules without having to modify the html/smartycode/php

It would'nt take much to impliment the additional classes and would make a huge difference to themability.

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Re: Improve Themability by Giving tables IDS

Post by mastergamer » Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:55

Good idea. If I ever get some time to work on the EDK again then I'll do this.

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Re: Improve Themability by Giving tables IDS

Post by Kovell » Thu Jul 21, 2011 16:11

How would you feel about HTML5/CSS3, with all the CSS in the CSS file? Would you also like a few empty divs as standard so you can use them in your CSS for effects?

In the meantime, you can use something more tedious like adjacent sibling selectors to select the table after a particular header, or change the template yourself in a new theme.

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Re: Improve Themability by Giving tables IDS

Post by tripstarrr » Fri Sep 23, 2011 23:46

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not posted for a while i just noticed your replies. Yeh i feel that keeping the CSS to a CSS file is important and in line with modern accessibility standards. I’m not so sure about empty Divs however I can imagine that would make IE take a shit. Pardon my language.

I feel the current theme file structure is slightly restrictive in the sense that it is difficult to edit the overall layout. It does however make it easy to edit certain parts but sometimes you want to make a change to the containment and you find yourself editing 10 theme files to add the extra containment Divs. A more modular approach might make it easier.

What I’m describing is clearly a lot of work for something no one here is being paid for and I’m in no way disregarding the previous work undertaken. This is the best killboard solution by far to date.

If you were looking to take the script in the direction you're describing it might be advisable to move away from tables all together, with the exception of tabular data of course, using unordered and ordered lists where possible which would have the added benefit of making it easier to implement layout specific modifications.

I’ve been working on my own mod of the killboard script since i posted here prototyping my layout and graphical ideas. It’s hackish because I’m lazy when I’m prototyping and the css is all over the place but the general idea is there.

I’d like to see some of these ideas possibly brought into future versions of the EDK such as more use of JavaScript charts to display information. This is my first implementation of JavaScript charting into the EDK and it is basic however this shows what is possible. The main advantage being that these charts work both in and out of game.

What I’d like to do is take the charting further and display say a pie chart of all ship types killed for example. I believe this would make the data a lot more interesting to view and comparisons easier to make.

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