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SVN 1492

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:24
by dutch2005

as stated above.. the following:

link in question : ... y=2011&m=7 (corporation pvp participation)
if only the list would be allowed to show top 10 and a button to show all current corps...

e.g. stuff like eve-kill has for kill /w many corps/persons involved, example:

A top selection is made, if one would like to see all, he clicks the link and it shows all...

Since the PAP mod from razor is broken /w this svn release (wich I'm ok with...) this code is the only part on wich i can see participation pvpv wise (and only a select as my alliance has 20+ corps)

If its easier via admin panel control setting.. its fine /w me aswell...
so in short: atm its only a Top 10, if its possible via admin panel config (or code *prefered*) to see Top 10 on default, and have it the ability to expand to show all corp's (thus effectively revealing wich corps has low/no kills in that particular month...)

If its dont /w the previous/last buttons, progress can/could be able to be tracked :)