Drones icons not showing in "ships & weapons"

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Drones icons not showing in "ships & weapons"

Post by nodfrog » Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:53

I've already posted that bug, but that was not the good section :

http://www.eve-dev.net/e107_plugins/for ... c.php?1717

I choose a pilot, then "Ships & Weapons", he made some kills with drones, and the drone icon doesn't show.
We only see the "tech 2" corner ... if these was tech 2 drones.

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Post by knifee » Sun Dec 10, 2006 13:29

Can u post a link to your KB?

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Post by TylerJames » Mon Dec 11, 2006 18:21

i get the same thing, here is a link to mine


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Post by JaredC02 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 23:02

I've got a problem with ECM not showing up myself. Also, T2 ammo doesn't show the T2 logo in the corner. To top it all off, some of the items on the killmails screw up the killboard...

http://www.eve-dev.net/e107_plugins/for ... c.php?2096

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Post by nodfrog » Tue Dec 12, 2006 09:33

That's it, just like TylerJames.

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Post by nodfrog » Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:11

any fix ?

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Post by deros » Mon Dec 18, 2006 13:11

i would suggest doing a reinstall of your board, just export the files to a server directory and import after.


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Post by nodfrog » Tue Dec 19, 2006 16:37

it generates blank and 0.png ...
<div class="item-icon" style="background: url(http://host/kb/img/drones/32_32/0.png); border: none; height:32px; width:32px"><img border="0" src="http://host/kb/img/items/32_32/blank.gif"/></div>
<!-- /icon.tpl --></td><td class=kb-table-cell width=200><b>Warrior I</b></td><td class=kb-table-cell align=center><b>2</b></td></tr><tr class=kb-table-row-even><td><!-- icon.tpl -->

but other icons are OK and the file needed for drones icon is there and OK also ...

Where from does this "blank" and "0.png" comes from ?
How is it generated ?

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Post by deros » Tue Dec 19, 2006 19:16

0.png is there for when stuff goes fubar.


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Post by vroom » Thu Dec 21, 2006 13:19

I had the same problem and I fixed it with this sql update. please make sure to backup your database before using this script.

[quote]update kb3_items set itm_externalid='10246' where itm_name='Mining Drone I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='10248' where itm_name='Mining Drone - Improved UNUSED';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='10250' where itm_name='Mining Drone II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='1187' where itm_name='Mining Drone - Elite';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='1201' where itm_name='Proximity Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='1202' where itm_name='Wasp I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='15508' where itm_name='Civilian Mining Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='15510' where itm_name='Vespa I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='16206' where itm_name='Valkyrie I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='17565' where itm_name='Hellhound I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='21050' where itm_name='Unanchoring Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='21638' where itm_name='Survey Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='21640' where itm_name='Vespa II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2173' where itm_name='Valkyrie II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2175' where itm_name='Infiltrator I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2183' where itm_name='Infiltrator II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2185' where itm_name='Hammerhead I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2193' where itm_name='Hammerhead II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2195' where itm_name='Praetor I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2203' where itm_name='Praetor II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2205' where itm_name='Acolyte I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2205' where itm_name='Acolyte II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='22572' where itm_name='Praetor EV-900';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='22574' where itm_name='Warp Scrambling Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='22713' where itm_name='10mn webscramblifying Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='22765' where itm_name='Heavy Shield Maintenance Bot I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='22780' where itm_name='Fighter Uno';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23055' where itm_name='Templar';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23057' where itm_name='Dragonfly';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23059' where itm_name='Firbolg';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23061' where itm_name='Einherji';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23473' where itm_name='Wasp EC-900';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23506' where itm_name='Ogre SD-900';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23510' where itm_name='Praetor TD-900';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23512' where itm_name='Berserker TP-900';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23523' where itm_name='Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23525' where itm_name='Curator I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23559' where itm_name='Berserker SW-900';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23559' where itm_name='Warden I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23561' where itm_name='Garde I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23563' where itm_name='Bouncer I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23659' where itm_name='Acolyte EV-300';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23702' where itm_name='Infiltrator EV-600';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23705' where itm_name='Vespa EC-600';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23707' where itm_name='Hornet EC-300';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23709' where itm_name='Medium Armor Maintenance Bot I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23711' where itm_name='Light Armor Maintenance Bot I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23713' where itm_name='Hammerhead SD-600';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23715' where itm_name='Hobgoblin SD-300';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23717' where itm_name='Medium Shield Maintenance Bot I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23719' where itm_name='Light Shield Maintenance Bot I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23721' where itm_name='Valkyrie TP-600';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23723' where itm_name='Warrior TP-300';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23725' where itm_name='Infiltrator TD-600';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23727' where itm_name='Acolyte TD-300';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23729' where itm_name='Valkyrie SW-600';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23731' where itm_name='Warrior SW-300';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='23759' where itm_name='FA-14 Templar';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2436' where itm_name='Wasp II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2444' where itm_name='Ogre I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2446' where itm_name='Ogre II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2454' where itm_name='Hobgoblin I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2456' where itm_name='Hobgoblin II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='24618' where itm_name='horrible tracking drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2464' where itm_name='Hornet I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2466' where itm_name='Hornet II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2476' where itm_name='Berserker I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2478' where itm_name='Berserker II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2486' where itm_name='Warrior I';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='2488' where itm_name='Warrior II';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='3218' where itm_name='Harvester Mining Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='3549' where itm_name='Tutorial Attack Drone';
update kb3_items set itm_externalid='9871' where itm_name='Repair Drone';[/quote]

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