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EDK Testing Release

Post by Salvoxia » Sat Apr 14, 2018 20:52

Hi guys,

the first release of EDK 4.3 is finally here! With he minor version number being odd, this marks a testing release. There is no update / auto update from EDK4.2 to 4.3. As soon as 4.3 is considered stable, it will be pushed to 4.4, for which updates from 4.2 will be available.

The more test feedback we get, the quicker will it make it to 4.4 :)

What's new?
The main motivation for this release was to incorporate ESI. The database is still fully compatible with EDK 4.2, as are 90% of the mods (see the Installation paragraph below).

The old XML and CREST APIs have been removed completely from EDK, everything is now ESI based. That means you now are able to fetch all your character's/corp's/alliance's kills back to the very first killmail existing in the current format, directly from CCP.
For fetching kills via ESI, characters/corporations (read: directors) have register using CCP's Single Sign-on for fetching their killmails.
A thread describing how to register with CCP to enable SSO for your killboard can be found here.

Other than that, many little things have been changed. For example, EDK now writes its own error log.

Full Changelog:

Code: Select all

Installer: Updated minimum PHP version (and check) to 5.6
Installer: Updated Eve-Dev URL to evekb.org in page footer
Added PHP version check to auto updater (at least 5.6 for EDK 4.3 and above)
Generated new ESI client library from _latest 20180329
Updated CCPDB to YC-120-3 1.0.20180323
Default theme: Use official login image for SSO registration
Updated EDK major version and requirements in README
Removed CREST and XML-related constants
Removed database table files for XML API related tables
Enhanced ESI error logging 
Made more robust against ESI errors
Removed API cache folder 
Added ESI cache folder
Removed last XML API classes 
Removed PHEAL
Installer now uses ESI for searching/adding board owners
ACP -> Troubleshooting: Removed API and CREST connection checks, added ESI cache and connection check
EDK ESI Client: Added more debug logging, nhanced retry mechanism in case of server timeouts
Pre-configure maximum processing time per SSO key
Added database update for ESI SSO
Added SSO registration to top menu
Added support for corporation killmail fetching using SSO
ESI SSO: Added scope for corporation killmails
Added support for character ESI killmail fetching via SSO
Adding ESI SSO registration for pilot killmail fetching
Enhancement: Added keep-alive like behavior to ESI library
Added Snitch Ashor as contributor to About page
Enhancement: Added caching to ESI Client (using PHPFastCache)
Switched item value update in ACP from CREST to ESI
Added kb3_factions to list of CCPDB SDE tables


The following is needed to run EDK 4.3 (prerequisites differing from EDK4.2 are highlighted):
  • Webserver (Apache / IIS)
  • Mysql 5.0 with FULL_GROUP_ONLY mode disabled!
  • PHP 5.6+
    • GD 2 or higher
    • PHP safe mode off
    • PHP MySQLi extension (available by default in PHP5)
    • PHP cURL extension with SSL support (mandatory!)
    • PHP zlib extension
    • PHP DOM extension
    • PHP memcached/redis extension (recommended)
  • Memcached / Redis (recommended)

EDK contains the March database update.

Full Install Package Download (MD5: 9B335DB869BB5A07365996500AB018E2)


You need at least PHP 5.6 to run this version!
Always backup your productive version and database!
  • Upload the whole package to a webhost
  • Point your webbrowser to /install inside the EDK directory
  • Follow the instructions
  • Delete the install folder after installation
Using with existing database
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • rename your killboard folder
  • Upload the new package to the killboard folder with the old name
  • Remove install folder
  • Move your mods and your [kbfolder]/kbconfig.php file back from the backup to the mods folder.


Please report any issues, especially regarding ESI, in this thread!

Best Regards,

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