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EDK (YC-118-3 1.0)

Post by Salvoxia » Thu Mar 17, 2016 17:31

\o guys,

EDK (2016-03-09)

This release updates your database to YC-118-3 1.0 and contains a bunch of fixes.
One of them them is a potential cache poisoning issue when using Memcached/Redis, discovered by Bas. That would happen when running multiple killboard instances off the same database and using the same memcached/Redis database for them.

Another thing arrived very late, I noticed it due to the CREST outages caused by the upgrade of TQ's hardware and move to another data center. In EDK, zKBFetch and IDFeed would simply skip killmails if fetching them from CREST failed due to technical difficulties. With this update, the import process gets aborted when encountering a problem with CREST communication.

Full Install Package Download (please check MD5: 304B992F8DB104EBE080582D2D71F462)
Update - Download (please check MD5: A07FA6B1A3E599E7B2C5D32E987FA7CD)

Database only:
Download the standalone database update for of EDK4.2+ here: Download (please check MD5: 0F2BEA5E05D8C972BC6CA315C96B2395)

Beginning with this release, standalone database updates for EDK versions prior to 4.2. are no longer available. If you absolutely need one, feel free to ask ;)

Release Notes:

List of new features
  • Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-3 1.0.117575

List of Bugfixes
  • ZKBFetch: Abort instead of skipping kills on CREST communication error
  • IDFeed/API: Abort instead of skipping kills on CREST communication error
  • Kill location in IGB
  • Fixed cache poisoning when running multiple sites
  • Fixed typo in Item class when rebuilding instance from cache
  • Fix: Flushing the Redis database did not work
  • Fix: Item slot for items from ItemLists were not determined correctly

Installation Instructions:
  • Webserver (e.g. Apache)
  • PHP 5.2+ (5.3.7+ recommended)
  • MySQL 5.0+
  • GD 2 or higher (default on most hosts)
  • PHP MySQLi extension (default on most hosts)
  • PHP XML extension (default on most hosts)
  • PHP openssl extension (default on most hosts, required for API use)
  • PHP Safe Mode off. (highly recommended)
New Installations
  • Upload the whole package to a webhost
  • Point your webbrowser to /install inside the EDK directory
  • Follow the instructions
  • Delete the install folder after installation
  • If no pilot images are displayed check that the server has write permission to the cache folder.
Manual upgrade
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Remove or rename all files in the killboard folder other than [kbfolder]/kbconfig.php
  • Upload the new package to the killboard folder
  • Remove install folder
  • Move your mods back from the backup to the mods folder.

Update from

Auto Updater
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Enter the admin control panel
  • Select the option "Upgrade" from the menu on the right
  • If the code update to Version doesn't show up in the list, select the link at the bottom saying "retrieve update description file now"
  • Click "Download"
  • Click "Apply"
  • Database update process starts, follow instructions
  • DONE \o/

Manual upgrade
  • Download the Update - (see above)
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Upload the contents of the update package to your webhost
  • DONE

Known issues:


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Re: EDK (YC-118-3 1.0)

Post by Redhouse » Fri Mar 18, 2016 02:06

looks to be working, thanks.

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Re: EDK (YC-118-3 1.0)

Post by prometh » Fri Mar 18, 2016 16:03

Works flawless so far.

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Re: EDK (YC-118-3 1.0)

Post by Dism0 » Fri Apr 08, 2016 15:05

have you ever thought of adding a daily total isk lost/killed on the kill list under the date perhaps? i always thought that would be a great change/mod but i know nothing of php.

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