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EDK (YC-112-3 1.0)

Post by Salvoxia » Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:10

\o guys,


This release updates your database to YC-120-3 1.0.

Also, the auto updater has been equipped with a PHP version check. Since the next major EDK release for ESI will require at least PHP 5.6, the auto updater will check if that prerequisite is met before applying the update.

Full Install Package Download (MD5: 6CE6C0B6BE3F2EBE7C220DD2DEC2885A)
Update - Download (MD5: 7FE2109899C9FC7179C228BB77E31B37)

Database only:
Download the standalone database update for of EDK4.2+ here: Download (MD5: F7ACB77CE4D11B94769AAB803BB42906)

Release Notes:

List of new features
  • Updated EDK to and CCPDB to YC-120-3 1.0.20180323
  • Added PHP version check to auto updater (at least 5.6 for EDK 4.3 and above)

Installation Instructions:

New Installations
  • Upload the whole package to a webhost
  • Point your webbrowser to /install inside the EDK directory
  • Follow the instructions
  • Delete the install folder after installation
  • If no pilot images are displayed check that the server has write permission to the cache folder.
Manual upgrade
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Remove or rename all files in the killboard folder other than [kbfolder]/kbconfig.php
  • Upload the new package to the killboard folder
  • Remove install folder
  • Move your mods back from the backup to the mods folder.

Update from

Auto Updater
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Enter the admin control panel
  • Select the option "Upgrade" from the menu on the right
  • If the code update to Version doesn't show up in the list, select the link at the bottom saying "retrieve update description file now"
  • Click "Download"
  • Click "Apply"
  • Database update process starts, follow instructions
  • DONE \o/

Manual upgrade
  • Download the Update - (see above)
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Upload the contents of the update package to your webhost
  • DONE

Known issues:


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