Problems when pulling from EvE-Kill IDFeed

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Apocil Munar
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Problems when pulling from EvE-Kill IDFeed

Post by Apocil Munar » Thu Apr 04, 2013 07:42

Using version 4.0.4 of EDK with Retribution 1.1 db update

when pulling from i get the following errors (the one i find most interesting is in bold):

ERROR [256] Attempt to add a corporation with no name. Aborting.
Error on line 191 in file /killboard/common/includes/class.corporation.php

PHP 5.3.13 (Linux), EDK 4.0.4 (Crucible)
File: /killboard/common/includes/class.corporation.php, line: 191, function: trigger_error
File: /killboard/common/includes/class.idfeed.php, line: 739, class: Corporation, function: add
File: /killboard/common/includes/class.idfeed.php, line: 534, class: IDFeed, function: processInvolved
File: /killboard/common/includes/class.idfeed.php, line: 485, class: IDFeed, function: processKill
File: /killboard/common/includes/class.idfeed.php, line: 138, class: IDFeed, function: processFeed
File: /killboard/common/admin/admin_idfeedsyndication.php, line: 155, class: IDFeed, function: read
File: /killboard/common/admin/admin_idfeedsyndication.php, line: 83, function: getIDFeed
File: /killboard/common/index.php, line: 293, function: include
File: /killboard/index.php, line: 27, function: include

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