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So I'm new to a lot of this.
I know cronjobs can run tasks based on time and scheduling. However, I've never done this.

How do I get AJCron to pull kill mails from zkillboard for my corp every 12 hours?

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Re: ajcron

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if you have access to "real" cronjobs on your webserver, I strongly advise to use them over AJCron. AJCron is just a substitute if you do not have cronjobs. AJCron is driven by website visits, i.e. each time somebody/something browses to your killboard, it checks if it's time to start one of the configured jobs (i.e. call one of the configured URLs).
So basically that means: No visitors, no regularly executed jobs.

That being said, here's how it works.
In ACP -> AJCron, it tells you the job format

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/65 http://yourdomain.com/killboard/cron/cron_fetcher.php [FeedSync]
01:00 http://yourdomain.com/killboard/cron/cron_clearup.php [CleanUp]
The first line means: Call the URL http://yourdomain.com/killboard/cron/cron_fetcher.php every 65 Minutes, and tjob is called "[Feedsync]".
The second line means: Call the URL http://yourdomain.com/killboard/cron/cron_clearup.php every day at 01:00, and the job is called "[CleanUp]"

Now you need to know which cronjob file to call for fetching from zKB. The readme file in your cron folder tells you that.
So for fetching from zKB every 12 hours, you could use

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/720 http://yourdomain.com/killboard/cron/cron_zkb.php [zKBFetch]

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