List of EDK4 Mods

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Re: List of EDK4 Mods

Post by racernv » Thu Dec 18, 2014 13:49

All the links to these mods here are linked to It requires you to log in, so i go to register, it says "Creating a new account is currently not possible."

I need the Most expensive kills mod for my killboard, . Is there anyway somebody can upload it somewhere, or email it to me at i would really appreciate it.



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Re: List of EDK4 Mods

Post by Salvoxia » Thu Dec 18, 2014 14:09


you are right, the list is terribly outdated. But since this forum is an exact mirror of the forums at eve-id, you can simply replace the top level domain in the links with and it should work.

The most expensive mod can be found here:
Or, if you prever SirQuentin's version, here:


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