[EDK 4.0.1] Real Money Mod 1.2

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Re: [EDK 4.0.1] Real Money Mod 1.2

Post by toby » Mon Feb 25, 2013 08:52

how do i import this now? i dont see "MOD" under modules please help!

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Re: [EDK 4.0.1] Real Money Mod 1.2

Post by Salvoxia » Mon Feb 25, 2013 22:02


I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
To install the mod, download the latest version from the OP (1.2). Inside the zip file there's a folder named realmoney_mod_1_2. Extract the contents of this folder (not the folder itself) to the mods folder of your killboard. Now there should be folder called "realmoney_mod" with a few files in it in your mods directory. The mod should now appear in the modules section in your admin control panel.


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Re: [EDK 4.0.1] Real Money Mod 1.2

Post by boris_t » Fri Aug 01, 2014 09:44

I'm fork this mod on github https://github.com/6RUN0/realmoney_mod/
Please test my fork.

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Re: [EDK 4.0.1] Real Money Mod 1.2

Post by bryn987 » Sun Mar 08, 2015 07:27

So, I have one killmail that works correctly when I'm logged in as admin but when I log off, the killmail does not show the conversion.

Any ideas what causes it?

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Re: [EDK 4.0.1] Real Money Mod 1.2

Post by edp » Tue Jun 06, 2017 09:16

I posted a fix to the init.php to the GitHub per the older response above.

For clarity I'm posting it here too.

Code: Select all

	if(!defined('KB_SITE')) die ("Go Away!");
	$modInfo['realmoney_mod']['name'] = "Real Money Mod";
	$modInfo['realmoney_mod']['abstract'] = "Show how much money you really lost ;)";
	$modInfo['realmoney_mod']['about'] = "by <a href=\"http://www.back-to-yarrr.de\" target=\"_blank\">Sir Quentin</a>";

	event::register("killDetail_assembling", "realmoney::add");

	class realmoney
		public static function add($page)
		$page->addBehind("itemsLost", "realmoney::show");
  public static function show(){
  	global $smarty;
  	$html .= $smarty->fetch("../../../mods/realmoney_mod/realmoney.tpl");
    return $html;

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