[EDK 4.2.1] Value Columns Mod

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Re: [EDK 4.0.3] Value Columns Mod

Post by anchorhead » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:22

With old kills, value are not exactly good (value of this mod is not same that losse in kill details page), have you an idea for fix that ?

I think that all mod fetch value by "getISKLoss" function but original KB have a different function, we need to have a unique function for all no ?

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Re: [EDK 4.0.3] Value Columns Mod

Post by DarkArchon » Sun May 04, 2014 22:40

Sorry, no idea :(

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Re: [EDK 4.0.3] Value Columns Mod

Post by DarkArchon » Sun Jun 08, 2014 21:58

Updated this for Kronos Updates

EDK added a new option under templates to view loss value instead of ship type, for example...
This is built in and really this mod is no longer necessary. Turn it on under Admin -> Appearance -> Front Page -> Show ISK loss: [ ] (Instead of ship type)

They did this by modifying the common/includes/class.killisttable.php and basically correctly implementing the old function I was using with a new one which returns "victimiskloss". I'm modified the mod to use this function instead of my own, so really you could use both of them at once. However, I still like having a separate column. There's a good chance this will make the values more accurate as well, I know there's been a few reports of incorrect values being displayed.

I've also changed the number of decimal places they show beside loss value to 0 (instead of 2) for millions and thousands, I really don't care about fractions of millions :P That's a personal preference, and if you wish to change it back search the class.killisttable.php file for the value_columns_mod tag and change "%.00f to "%.02f

Lastly, I'm not positive that the value column is working on battle summaries. I have another mod installed that I think is messing with it. It -should- be working, but I don't see it :/ If anyone cares about this and doesn't have other mods installed check it and let me know please and I'll look at it. Personally I only really care about the front page.

If someone does look at it and it's not working if you can send me a full page screenshot and the source code for the page it may help me track down the issue.


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Re: [EDK 4.2.1] Value Columns Mod

Post by Redhouse » Sat Feb 20, 2016 06:31

Just wanted to say I continue to use this and manually hack it in on updates that change:

Edit: I notice that this is now in the release as of 4.2.20 in a similar way to the original VCM.

I think could make template only edits to format it as I have now, but one issue is in class.killlisttable.php the value converted to thousands, millions or billions where I had standardized in millions only.

Also the release version passes a string rather than a float i think, I was using the magnitude of the loss to scale the text size in the tpl file.

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