[EDK 4.2] Zkillboard Stats

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[EDK 4.2] Zkillboard Stats

Post by trix12345 »

Remake of Eve-kill stats by Rictus Hep
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This mod uses the API from zkillboard.com to display the kills/losses stats for a pilot, corp, or alliance.
You can choose which pages the stats appear for in the settings.

Download the zip and extract to your mods directory.
Enable the mod in the admin section and set which pages you want the stats to display on.
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Re: [EDK 4.2] Zkillboard Stats

Post by Dism0 »

you should have it match the formatting of the other sections.. more aesthetically pleasing. :)

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Re: [EDK 4.2] Zkillboard Stats

Post by celagon »

I love this mod. Just to bad zkillboard is missing hundreds of thousands of killmails wich makes this mod unreliable.
Other then that its cool :)

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Re: [EDK 4.2] Zkillboard Stats

Post by rafis »

Could you please provide wget downloadable file?

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Re: [EDK 4.2] Zkillboard Stats

Post by Salvoxia »

If any of you is experiencing the issue of "no data", here's a hotfix:

open mods/zkb_stats/ZkbStats.php in an editor, find line no 9:

Code: Select all

$ch = curl_init('https://zkillboard.com/api/stats/'.$request.'/'.$name.'.json/');
and replace it with this

Code: Select all

$ch = curl_init('https://zkillboard.com/api/stats/'.$request.'/'.$name.'/');

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