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Faction Prices Site

Post by mastergamer »

Some of you may be familiar with the faction prices site I run at http://prices.c0rporation.com.

This was started as a quick-and-dirty replacement of eve-prices.net when it went down. I intended to improve the code over time but I just never found the time. Since I stopped playing EVE and stopped contributing to this site I've paid rather little attention to maintaining the site. The time has come when the server the site is hosted on will be going away (the friend of mine who was hosting it is scrapping the server) and so in the near future the site will need to get a new home. I probably won't have the time to do this being back at University and all now, so I'm turning to the great EVE development community for solutions.

I'll provide the full source for the site and an SQL export of the database (they're both horrible, don't judge me :p) to whoever wants to take up hosting the site, and I'll edit the DNS on prices.c0rporation.com to point to your server so there won't be any interruption in service or need for EDK installations to be updated.

If nobody wants to take up running the site then I'll post the code & DB anyway so the data isn't lost, and the site will disappear whenever the server has to go away.
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Re: Faction Prices Site

Post by AndyM »

Message sent.
You backed up your database, right ???
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Re: Faction Prices Site

Post by LaMaH »

mastergamer im up for running it, throw a mail to karbowiakatgmail.com (replace at with @)
I already run EVE-KILL and we use your site to determin' faction prices, so might aswell keep it alive, no? :)
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Re: Faction Prices Site

Post by wyattwic »

Hey gamer, can I get a copy of the source code for educational purposes?
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