widening the killboard

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Brutus Mayhem
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widening the killboard

Post by Brutus Mayhem »

not sure how to do this and im fairly noobish at php/css etc, how do i make the killboard wider so that i can see the full page and not have some of it hidden by the top scorer/top killer etc??
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Re: widening the killboard

Post by AndyM »

Edit the default.css file for your theme and find

Code: Select all

  width: 950px;
Change the width value to the width you want.

This will also offset things like the summary table at the top of the page so you'll have to do some more editing after this.
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Re: widening the killboard

Post by tripstarrr »

If you're having trouble making the edits yourself you could always try my theme (linked in my signiture) it has a wider 1024 width by default.
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