Exporting data from KB

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Exporting data from KB

Post by pc5 »

Hey, sorry for my english at begining ;)

Im creating fansite www.eve-online.pl and im interested if theres a feature which alows me to get data from any killboard which runs at your engine. RSS data feed, XML or something like that. I want to connect to 10 killboards of corps i want to list in my portal in special category 'Kill in this day' and make list there what kills/losses they had. I only need data like system, pilot name, # of involved parties, corporations. It would be something like quick review of the day, so ppl dont have to open 10 killboards and check, they would go to my site, open one page and see wheres most fun :)

Is there any way to do it?
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Re: Exporting data from KB

Post by DarkXeRoX »

http://www.innsmouthenterprises.com/eve ... rd-plugin/

something like that ?
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Re: Exporting data from KB

Post by Zaine »

Give me a yell if you need a hand with that plugin...
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