zkb api kills missing items

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zkb api kills missing items

Post by prometh »

Just wanted to report this.

It's not an EDK bug but information is missing in the zkb api feed (already reported).

Here's an example: https://zkillboard.com/kill/50309163/
The items wrapped in plastic are missing here: https://zkillboard.com/api/killID/50309163/

Hopefully they will fix this soon. I think a possible workaround might be to use the original crest mail that can be easily extracted from the zkb information using KillID and hash but that would probably have to be done for every kill separately and slow down the fetching quite a bit.

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Re: zkb api kills missing items

Post by Salvoxia »


thanks for the heads up, nice catch!
I'll think about a setting for zKB fetch that simply invokes the crest parser for each kill. A similar setting could be introduced to the IDFeed. That would guarantee the highest data quality possible.
But as you pointed out, it would slow down everything. EDK does not yet have a mechanism for guaranteeing the crest rate limits, because there is no use case that would require this.

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