zkbfetch Too many items (corporation_ids)

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zkbfetch Too many items (corporation_ids)

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ZKBApi: https://zkillboard.com/api/corporationID/98048488/
0 kills were posted and 7 were skipped (200 kills fetched). Timestamp of last kill: 2017-04-02 16:00:57
Error communicating with ESI, aborting!
[400] Error connecting to the API (https://esi.evetech.net/v2/corporations ... 2C98049848)

{"error":"too many items for 'corporation_ids', 'corporation_ids' is required"}
remove the last entry (request 99 not 100) work
on esi site there write limit 100 oO

a switch of line
256 from class.helpers.php of common/includes/esi/
while($corporationIdsLength < 950 && count($corporationIds) > 0)
while($corporationIdsLength < 700 && count($corporationIds) > 0)
fixxed my current issue
but why charcounting ? there exist an entry limit
in my failer example the most id's 8 and some 9/10/11

i limit it now for me to 700 to avoid it for the future
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Re: zkbfetch Too many items (corporation_ids)

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thank you for reporting.
This issue has already been fixed in the repository.

The character counting was implemented quite early in the ESI integration process, when the only concern was maximum URL length. In the fix, this has been changed to an item limit.
The first time this error was reported I looked for a limit in the ESI UI, but didn't find one. I looked again now, just to find the limit in the response, not the request specification. Maybe I missed it there before.

The fix will be included in the next release.

Best Regards,
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