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EDK (Into The Abyss 1.0)

Post by Salvoxia »

\o guys,

sorry for the long delay with the release post, I was on a lengthy business trip and got buried in work right after it.. TGIF! \o/

The current EDK version is, containing the database update for Into The Abyss.
This will fix posting issues with losses in Abyssal Deadpspace.

Due to breaking changes in ESI, another endpoint for resolving IDs to names is now used. This speeds up kill posting significantly.

There were also changes to the zKB API, breaking zKBFetch in Shoutout to Squizz for being so kind and keeping me up-to-date on such changes!
A sanity check was added to the last kill timestamp, since due to unknown circumstances some killboards asked zKB for kills from the 1980s.

Full Install Package Download (MD5: 5B6D4FCD384A79A3F69AF51BFE5DEA47)
Update - Download (MD5: CBDDA5B29D6AB72621BB1DEECB180A6F)

Database only:
Download the standalone database update for of EDK4.2+ here: Download (MD5: B13C3ADED9E7BC5B916FC32C2CB1A0ED)

Release Notes:
List of new features
  • Updated EDK to and CCPDB to Into The Abyss 1.0.20180529
  • Cleanups for PHP7.2 compatibility
  • Set default timezone for EDK to "UTC"
  • Added customized configuration for EDK ESI client library
  • Created new ESI Client from _latest as of 20180529
  • ESI name resolution: Reduced number of IDs per call
  • ESIFetch: Implemented pagination
  • Added proper faction check for corporations
  • Respect ID count limit when resolving entity IDs with /universe/names
  • zKBFetch: Sort results from zKB API due to missing orderDirection modifier
  • ZKBFetch: Removed orderDirection API URL modifier
  • Fix for breaking ESI changes: Resolve entity IDs using universe/names
  • Fix: Fetch unknown weapon type IDs for attackers from ESI
  • ESISSO: Increased database column width holding the refreshTokens to 1024
  • ESIFetch: Fixed wrong "Did not get any kills" message
  • ESIFetch: Enhanced error message if refresh token is invalid
  • Fixed viewing faction details
  • ZKBFetch: Fixed bug leading to potential hang while fetching
  • ESIParser: Fix for old kills with legacy containers or no coordinates
  • Fixed error reporting for SSO admin page

Installation Instructions:

New Installations
  • Upload the whole package to a webhost
  • Point your webbrowser to /install inside the EDK directory
  • Follow the instructions
  • Delete the install folder after installation
  • If no pilot images are displayed check that the server has write permission to the cache folder.
Manual upgrade
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Remove or rename all files in the killboard folder other than [kbfolder]/kbconfig.php
  • Upload the new package to the killboard folder
  • Remove install folder
  • Move your mods back from the backup to the mods folder.

Update from

Auto Updater
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Enter the admin control panel
  • Select the option "Upgrade" from the menu on the right
  • If the code update to Version doesn't show up in the list, select the link at the bottom saying "retrieve update description file now"
  • Click "Download"
  • Click "Apply"
  • Database update process starts, follow instructions
  • DONE \o/

Manual upgrade
  • Download the Update - (see above)
  • Backup the existing database and files
  • Upload the contents of the update package to your webhost
  • DONE

Known issues:

1. zKBFetch 1.3 broken by changes in zKB API on October 2nd
A change in the zKB API broke zKBFetch. There's a hotfix available.
Replace your common/includues/class.zkbfetch.php with this one (right click -> Save as).
Please report any issues with this in this thread.

Best Regards,
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Re: EDK (Into The Abyss 1.0)

Post by neffets »

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Re: EDK (Into The Abyss 1.0)

Post by Redhouse »

Looks good, thanks.
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Re: EDK (Into The Abyss 1.0)

Post by Dism0 »

i was thinkin.. it'd be cool to add a campaign indicator to the front page kills. maybe the ability to select an icon when adding a campaign and using that icon as a kill indicator for that particular campaign. just a thought. :)
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Re: EDK (Into The Abyss 1.0)

Post by Ariea Thellare »

Is it possible to change the failcount for the also keys somewhere.
As in, not make it stop after 5 fails already. I regularly have to to go in and press fetch on the key since it stops pulling after 5 fails.
If that is not a feature yet, maybe it should be. :)
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Re: EDK (Into The Abyss 1.0)

Post by Salvoxia »


I'll definitely look into that, it's not a big change.
If you wanted to change it yourself, you'd have to edit line 46 of cron/cron_esi.php:

Code: Select all

if($fetchConfig->getFailcount() >= 5) 
and enter your desired number.

Important to all:
There's been a change in the zKB API that breaks zKBFetch in
There is a hotfix in place for this, please refer to the "Known issues" section at the bottom of the opening post.
Big thanks to jbs1 for bringing this to my attention.

Best Regards,
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