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Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by exi »

In addition to the unknown ViewSVN reachable at i have set up a trac at
I'll clean up the trac install and add our fancy logo to it tomorrow.

Also going on:
Update of supplied Smarty lib to 2.6.21
AJCron is making progress (60% done)
Revamp of API Killmail retrieval, storage and syndication (20% done)

AJCron stands for Asynchronous Javascript Cron which allows the anacron-style execution of jobs.
If a job is due to run this library will put a hidden ajax-call on any page a client requests which then calls the job to run in the background.
To accomplish this i reworked the xajax mod to be compliant with the boards module system. Every mod is now able to register xajax functions without editing the xajax mod sourcecode.
No more lagging killboards due to API-updates!
Proper automatic API-fetching on hosts without cronjob-capability!

APIKill revamp is the idea to store all information from the xml and use this format as the main exchange protocol between killboards.
Killmail integrity will be kept more secure than now with the stratum-concept (derived from ntp protocol):
A mail fetched by the board itself via API will have stratum 0 (known as correct), any other mail fetched by rss-feeds will get the feeding board's stratum+1.
Converted textmails will have a really high stratum so they can be distinguished from api kills.
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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by LaMaH »

sounds pretty damn sexy there exi :D

glad to see you back in action ;)
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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by Guest »


Pure Awesomeness.

Thank you for putting up an official one :)
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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by Captain Thunk »

If you're going to do this you should also ensure all CCP IDs are used for items, corps, alliances and players - all unknowns can be retrieved via an API call - you can even restore the adding of unknown items as the typeID can be called for by API - while not perfect as it would be missing some attribute information it would suffice for mail parsing and killboard presentation until the next database dump.

Also some table need looking at, maybe removed completely - eg. item slot layout seems to come from a handwritten table when the information needed could actually be pulled from the kb3_dgmtypeattributes table. Also a way at removing the ships and ship_classes tables would be beneficial as these can be a source of problems - ideally it would be much better to pull ALL required static information from tables constructed solely from the CCP dump. In this end it would also be good to have a prepared script that can be run on the full CCP Export to generate the kb3_ tables we use - rather than have people make them up by hand (inevitably leading to minor mistakes). This would mean boards wouldn't have to hang in the air as the core DB is out of date and allows people to upgrade when CCP release the DB (they now have a script so the export is released with major updates)

Also I was told that POS Mod would never be incorporated into the killboard because POS mails are not supported properly. That was a year ago. They still aren't supported 'properly' as these are legitmate mails, I do think the board should parse them rather than want to ignore them

Mail exports - breaking this down into ID versions similar to an API would solve module renaming and other problems that crop up over time, it would be faster, more efficient and better on many levels

With repsect, I feel these are a higher priority than reinventing the wheel and making killboards faster when a cronjob happens to fire.

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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by frazor »


If I want to contribute to this project, how do I go about? Like, either get access to add information and tutorials to the Trac wiki, or perhaps submit patches to someone or svn checkins?

I don't consider myself to be an extremely seasoned php/mysql-coder in any way, but I know my way around it, and I have very good knowledge of CM for Software, how to handle releases and patches.
Let me know if any of this sounds interesting.
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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by mastergamer »

I've also got some code that I'd like to submit to the SVN at some point.

The main thing is a "proper price" addition that saves the price of each kill to the DB when it's viewed, and then all these values for all the week's kills are added and displayed on the home page under the summary table. It might need a bit of tweaking but it's been great on my board for ages now.
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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by frazor »

No reply to this at all, other than spammers finding the thread.

Is the EDK being killed by inactivity?

How do we enable more people as submitters, ensuring proper maintenance and new versions of the software? The way of all the patches today deserves a proper cleanup.. :(

exi, you are more or less asleep right now.. please grant more active developers contributor access! Like captain thunk and friedroadkill for instance..
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Re: Trac/ViewSVN, Coding

Post by beansman »

Please sign up in the global stickied thread!

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