EDK Changes

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EDK Changes

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Hello theme authors.

Future versions of EDK will work with URLs like 'kburl/home/2011/3/kills' as well as 'kburl/?a=home&y=2011&w=3&view=kills'. This may break some URLs in your templates. It would be great if you started using absolute URLs, if you ever work with URLs in your theme. e.g. in a smarty template you can use $kb_host which is defined by default:

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This will work in current EDK as well as future EDK.

Also, in the default index.tpl themes/default/default.css is always loaded, and any new css is loaded after that. This allows the theme's new css to work, but also new templates can be added to the core, with new css, without anything breaking in your theme. This should not require any changes to existing themes (especially if they replace the default index.tpl).
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