Corporation/Alliance Export Data

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Corporation/Alliance Export Data

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Hey, I am just suggesting a feature that could potentially be very useful.

How about a feature that allows a user to export data about their corporation or alliance, based on monthly(or perhaps weekly) values?

For example, I am trying to make an application that calculates how much ISK each member of a corporation or alliance should receive based on how much ISK a corporation/alliance has accumulated during a month. In order to calculate this fairly (in terms of member activity), I would need to be able to take in how much ISK each member of a corporation or alliance has destroyed each month. By adding up the ISK destroyed each month for each member, and seeing what percent of the sum each member holds, one could take the same percentages of the ISK accumulated and distribute it based on that.

Unfortunately, there is no specific way to get ahold of this isk-destroyed-per-member-per-month data in a meaningful format.

So thus, I am thinking this sort of function on the killboard would be very useful. Of course, to access a corporation or alliance's member data, one would need the alliance or corporation API. (So a user can't just export and see every member of the corp/alliance if they wanted to.) In terms of data it could output, it would export values for the alliance (if applicable), then similar values for each corporation in the alliance (or just the corporation), and then similar values for each member. Perhaps a set of checkboxes for just member data, alliance data, or corporation data could be implemented as well.

The export would not even have to be super complex or anything, typically a CSV or XML file are sufficient for those who want to use the data for something easily.

Alternatively, you could just integrate the isk distribution function I gave as an example into the killboard. That would be interesting.
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