zkb api request error

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Elaugaste Dourden
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zkb api request error

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Zkillboard change api or make bug.
EDK for fetch using request and get HTTP 400 error:
https://zkillboard.com/api/combined/all ... ection/asc

But if use request without time (only date) - request return http 200 and contain valid data:
https://zkillboard.com/api/combined/all ... ection/asc

I very bad php programmer :oops: ... but i do tempraly fix:
In file common/includes/class.zkbfetch.php needed change string #332 on this code:

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        //$timestampFormattedForZkb = strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M", $this->lastKillTimestamp); //Original string
	$timestampFormattedForZkb = strftime("%Y%m%d", $this->lastKillTimestamp); //Temporaly fix
Done file in attach.

Sorry my bad english.
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Re: zkb api request error

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This patch will work but you will evebtually miss kills if you jzst have enough within 24 hours. Its enough to set the minutes of the timestamp to 00:

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$timestampFormattedForZkb = strftime("%Y%m%d℅H00", $this->lastKillTimestamp);
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