incorrect display of the pilot name

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incorrect display of the pilot name

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KB version (YC-119-7 1.0)

If the pilot's name contains a dash, then it is displayed incorrectly on the pilot detail and kill detail pages.
Problem code in class.pilot.php at line 140:

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                        // Hacky, hacky, hack hack
                        // TODO: Fix this and change old kills to suit.
                        $pos = strpos($this->name, "- ");
                        if ($pos === false) return $this->name;
                        else if (strpos($this->name, "Moon") == false)
                                return substr($this->name, $pos + 2);
                        else return $this->name;
if the pilot name for example "In-Name- Dash", the function getName() returns "Dash".
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Re: incorrect display of the pilot name

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Oh dear, now the chickens come home to roost. I'll try to figure something out.
Thanks for reporting!

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